[s1mp3-dev] S1Tuner - A digital guitar tuner - first alpha version available

Andrei Purdea purdeaandrei at yahoo.com
Fri Jun 22 13:56:47 PDT 2007

I just realized that i forgot to link it in :-) 

Andrei Purdea <purdeaandrei at yahoo.com> wrote: Hey guys!
   Finally after hours of debugging and debugging i have a first working version!
  I hope it will be useful! This one has a menu too, so if you want it to  run on your player, then you might have to change three things:
    1) the lcd port/pin
    2) ^^ set that pin as an output in the init code (be careful,  the portmap that is on the wiki had errors in it, i corrected some, but  there still may be errors)
    3) the keyboard handleing code
  if you want to write it permanently on the player in place of one of  the other files like telbook.bin, you might need to change the file  size (the defs at the bottom of s1tuner.asm).
  if you just want to test it, then load it with s1giveio , to the address 0 (zero), and that call the address 0x 800
  (the commands are: l 0<enter>filename<enter>c 800<enter>)
     I would like to thank ALOT wire, for his grat tool, called  s1debug,  http://wiki.s1mp3.org/index.php/S1debug  , it helped me  save many days looking for errors in the source code :-) If you are  developing anythin to the s1mp3 , this is an indispensable tool.
            Have a good time!

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